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3 O'clock Coffee

Dedicated to the tradition and memory of Uncle Lee Pointer


Mychal's Message collects donations to keep the coffee shelf stocked at St. Francis Inn in Philadelphia, PA. Donate now, or read the story.

Project Description

It’s 3 o’clock somewhere! Coffee drinkers understand the need for our 3 o’clock coffee boost. Sometime around 2:00 or 2:30, we start to feel the need for that dark hot 8 oz. cup of black nectar. Some cups are sweet, some are creamy. Some like it strong and black. Some like Columbian. Some like de-caf, Some like perk, drip or press. When the smell of brewing coffee makes its way to our senses, we feel warm all over.

This project is dedicated to our own Uncle Lee who was an avid supporter of us and our work with Mychal’s Message. For Uncle Lee, everything stopped at 3 o’clock for his coffee break. His had to be hot and always freshly brewed. We recently brought about 40 pounds of coffee to Saint Francis Inn in Philadelphia, PA, a place near and dear to Uncle Lee’s heart. The coffee shelf below the kitchen was empty. No coffee for the guests. No warm, hot, sweet or creamy cup for them. So, this empty shelf has inspired us to this new and ongoing 3 o’clock coffee project.

How You Can Help
Your tax-deductible $10 donation will provide a 3-pound can of coffee that will allow half of the 400 guests at St. Francis Inn to have a cup of coffee. Your tax-deductible $20 donation will provide enough coffee for all 400 guests at the Inn to have a cup. Please, as you pour your coffee today and have cream or sugar to make it ‘just right’ for you, won’t you help us provide coffee to the men and women at St. Francis Inn? Help us to give them the comfort and love that the Franciscans put into every cup they serve.

You may also send containers of unopened ground coffee.

Coffee donations and/or checks should be mailed to:

Mychal's Message
P.O. Box 6404
Lancaster, PA  17607

PLEASE NOTE: If you are sending donated items via UPS, FEDEX or from Amazon, please contact us for a street address.

Online donations are accepted through Network for Good. Please click the link below and specify "Uncle Lee" in the "Designation" line on the Network for Good website.

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