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Project Impact


donated and distributed!

Donations: January 1, 2002 through December 2020
Mychal's Message would not exist without the kindness and generosity of so many people. With the help of donors from across the U.S. and reaching as far away as Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom, as of December 2020, Mychal's Message has collected and distributed the following:

Over 262,500 prayer cards
Over 59,250 baby diapers
50,825 pairs of socks
Over 48,274 personal-size toiletries
Over 28,537 underwear
14,943 packs/pieces of candy/gum
13,072 undershirts
Over 12,000 needed items for a Philadelphia soup kitchen (toiletries, food, detergents, paper products, etc.)
8,548 hats, scarves and gloves
5,850 oz. coffee
5,025 bananas
4,000 assorted clothing items (donated by a closing business in January 2007)
3,772 Winter coats
2,733 school supplies
2,212 garbage bags (for soup kitchen)
2,071 childrens Christmas gifts (“Wish project”)
2,045 teddy bears
2,004 homemade cookies
1,680 tea bags
1,523 pairs of new sneakers
1,467 Christmas stockings (filled with toiletries, candy, socks, winter hats and gloves -  approximately 10 items per stocking for a total of 15,142 items)
1,125 goodie bags
1000 packages of tissues
984 hot dogs
984 hot dog buns
932.5 lbs. sugar (for soup kitchen)
888 slices of American cheese
848 backpacks and tote bags
800 American flags
786 cans of cold soda
778 granola bars
606 forks and spoons
583 hand lotions
573 rolls of toilet paper
560 donuts and muffins
507 pair of slippers
500 tickets to Sesame Street Live, including rental of 10 buses ("Because of Mikie" project)
500 goodie bags ("Because of Mikie" project, each included character book, show poster, autographed photo and snack
488 packs of baby wipes
446 plastic sleeping mats
400 homemade blueberry and corn muffins with butter
400 Rosaries (to Hurricane Katrina victims)
360 children's theater tickets ("Yes, Mr. Rogers!" project)
360 children's lunches ("Yes, Mr. Rogers!" project)
360 stuffed lions ("Yes, Mr. Rogers!" project)
346 hard-boiled eggs (with salt and pepper)
320 lollipops
314 blankets
308 bags of nuts
305 books
300 wands
300 coloring pages
300 packs of crayons
289 canned goods and pantry items (for local shelter)
265 children's toys
261 watches (gifts in "Surprise Party" and “Christmas Treasures”)
250 Yankee baseball caps
250 glasses of cold lemonade with ice
246 tubes of full sized toothpaste
240 pencils (to poor children in the Bahamas)
234 mini fruit pies
230 Christmas gifts (for Lancaster Shelter)
221 pair of jeans
221 toothbrushes
215 razors
209 family Christmas dinners (“Wish project”; All meals were full course dinners with Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, gravy, rolls and a pie.)
200 roast beef sandwiches
200 containers of cold milk
200 birthday cakes
200 full sized deodorants
200 goodie bags (1,600 items in each with a comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, candy bar, pen, and pack of crackers/cookies)
200 N.Y. Mets baseball caps
200 Philadelphia Phillies caps
200 Turkey Hill ice cream cups
198 sweatshirts
173 full sized conditioners
156 full sized shampoos
130 water containers
128 flannel shirts
125 McDonalds gift cards (“Surprise Project”, each $5 and $10 in value)
100 pens
100 bagels
100 packages of underwear, undershirts and socks (300 pieces to Hurricane Katrina victims)
96 slices of pizza
83 packs of fruit snacks
72 jars of spaghetti sauce
68 cans of baby formula
66 pair of reading glasses
60 articles of school uniform clothing (pants, skirts, polo shirts and sweaters)
60 sausage/meatball sandwiches
68 pillows (and 1 pillow case)
68 packages of Goldfish crackers
53 full sized body washes
53 bath towels
50 pounds of butter
50 dress shirts and 50 men’s ties (to CREATE, Harlem)
50 "Teenie Beanie Babies"
50 lbs of oatmeal
50 turtlenecks
50 combs
48 paper towel rolls
40 long underwear
36 fruit cups
35 containers Pine Sol
35 pairs of womens earrings
28 umbrellas
27 cans iced tea mix
27 family turkey dinners
25 Mens Polo shirts
25 $25 gift cards to Giant Food Store
25 note pads
24 sponges
24 salt and pepper shakers
24 Mychal's Message baseball caps
24 sweaters
24 packs of peanut butter crackers
24 hand sanitizers
24 packages of hot chocolate
21 mouthwashes
21 thermal shirts
20 pounds of rice
20 pink carnations
20 boneless hams
18 jars of tuna
15 pounds of pork and beans
13 gallons of bleach
13 baby bibs
10 sheet cakes
10 boxes of elbow macaroni
10 $5 gift cards to Sally Beauty
9 containers orange juice
9 gallons milk
8 containers of pancake syrup
8 jars of jelly
8 pounds of pasta
8 bottles detergent
8 baby dolls
8 handmade mats
8 pounds of ground sausage
8 thermal cups
7 pairs of ladies boots
6 pacifiers
5 bedspreads
5 sheet sets
5 mattress pads
4 men's suits
3 large liquid hand soaps
2 children supported education, boarding and meals in a southern India school
2 rotisserie chickens
1 infant car seat
1 baby stroller
1 quilt
1 sleeping bag
1 flashlight
1 ironing board
1 can opener
1 pound of ground beef
1 jar of peanut butter
1 gallon of mayonnaise

Over $15,560 donated to date!
$6,000 in scholarships (Father Cassian A. Miles Scholarship Fund)
$3,500 donation to St. Francis Inn, Philadelphia
$1,075 in gift cards (for Philadelphia soup kitchen, Lancaster shelter, and the families they serve)
$1,000-worth of clothing to poor women and children (50 items)
$1,000 worth of breakfast food
$565 in McDonald's gift certificates
$500 donation to St. Francis Breadline, NYC
$500 donation to a A Woman's Concern, Lancaster, PA
$500-worth of clothing (for children living in shelter)
$350 worth of Christmas toys (for children living in shelter)
$250 in K-Mart gift certificates (25 $10 certificates for women and babies' shelter)
$100 gift card for underwear and socks
$20 in Toys R Us gift cards
Support for one child’s education, boarding and meals in southern India school (March 2010 – 2016)


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