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Prayer Cards


Printed prayer cards measure roughly 2" x 7," and fold to the size of a business card so they can be easily kept in a wallet or pocket. Two versions of the card are available: one features a photo of Fr. Mychal in his Franciscan robe;  the other in his fireman's uniform (please specify which you would like when requesting). Both versions include Mychal's Prayer and The Serenity Prayer.


Prayer cards are currently available in English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Chinese and Haitian Creole. Donations of any amount are appreciated but not required. You can request prayer cards a few different ways.

Request by Email

Email us at 

Be sure to include/indicate:

  • A name and mailing address

  • How many cards you would like

  • Which design ("Franciscan Robe" or "Fireman's Uniform").

Request by Mail

Complete our mail-order form.
Be sure to specify how  many prayer cards you would like and which design ("Franciscan Robe" or "Fireman's Uniform").

Although donations are NOT required for prayer card requests, if you chose to make a donation through Network for Good, please specify how  many prayer cards you would like and which design ("Franciscan Robe" or "Fireman's Uniform") in the "designation" field.  Also, please be sure to provide your address where requested and specify "provide my name and email address to the charity" so we know where to  send your cards. Please DO NOT make your donation anonymous or we will not know where to send your cards.


The Prayer Card Story

The prayer written by Father Mychal Judge enabled him to open his heart to God's divine grace.  Each day, Father Mychal asked God to guide him to the people and places that needed him most, while allowing God to speak and work through him.  His prayer became a way of life for him and served as a message for others.

Placing that prayer onto cards during our first "Socks for the Homeless" project in 2002 seemed a fitting way to share Father Mychal's message with others.  They were simple cards that contained Father Mychal's picture, the dates of his ordination and death, and most importantly his prayer - his message.  During that project, we witnessed homeless men and women gratefully accepting new socks ... while reading the prayer of Father Mychal.

One year later we learned that Father Mychal and FDNY chaplain, Reverend Everett Wabst, had distributed similar prayer cards.  The day before he died, Father Mychal requested 2,000 additional cards.  Those cards never reached him that morning - September 11, 2001.  Instead, they were distributed at Ground Zero after his death.

When we created these cards, we had no idea that they were part of a much larger plan.  Since 2002, thousands of these prayer cards have been distributed.

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